Frequently asked questions

  • Where Is It Done?

The re-mapping is done at HMC service center in North Walsham

  • How Effective Is Your Re-Mapping Service?

 If you can’t instantly feel the extra power or aren’t completely satisfied in any way, we will refund your investment in full! Black Code is the industry leader and our bullet-proof vehicle re-mapping is recognised throughout Europe for it’s reliability and safety.

  • Will A Black Code Re-Map Shorten An Engines Life Expectancy?

The simple answer is no; Black Code optimise the parameters within the ECU without exceeding the limits of the vehicles engine.

  • What Risks Are Involved With Re-Mapping A Vehicle?

We are, modesty aside, nationally recognised as the UK’s leading authority on vehicle tuning and ECU Re-mapping. All upgrades are undertaken by fully trained Black Code factory technicians ensuring the safest, most reliable and efficient upgrades.

  • ECU Re-Mapping Or A Tuning-Box?

Engine tuning boxes generally only increase the fuel pressure and injection periods. This leads to an uneven spread of power and spikes, due to poor quality signal processing. These problems do not exist with ECU re-mapping, because all the parameters of the engine management are adjusted in unison, including torque and turbo limiters which can not be accessed by a tuning box.

  • How Long Will It Take?

Re-Maps usually take about two hours from start to finish, however, we endeavour to be as flexible as possible to fit in with your availability and can often find alternative options that can reduce this time further where necessary.

  • Do Black Code Use Generic Files?

Unlike many competitors Black Code Maps are custom written in-house in the UK, with information taken from your individual vehicle and can be designed at your request to provide more power, better economy or a perfect blend of both. We NEVER use generic, third party or off the shelf maps



  • Can The Original Settings Be Re-Installed?

Black Code always backs up the original file on to our off site secure server so that the original file can be loaded back onto the vehicle at any time



  • Can A Re-Map Be Detected By A Dealer Servicing The Vehicle?

The dealer may determine that the ECU has been modified however this is not straight forward with their equipment as our software is designed to be non-detectable. Should the dealer accidentally overwrite our upgrade we will happily provide another software upgrade completely FREE of charge.


In some circumstances a car dealership may re-flash the ECU on a vehicle to upload the latest software. If this happens our modified file is overwritten. So all you do is call our local technician and they will re-install your optimized map completely FREE of charge.


*A small administration charge may be applied in certain circumstances.


**Black code International Limited can not underwrite technical advancements in dealer detection tools.